ISO Geodetic Registry (ISOGR)

The ISO Geodetic Registry is a structured database of coordinate reference systems (CRS) and transformations that is accessible through this online registry system. The Register includes only systems and transformations of international application. It does not include all possible coordinate reference systems and transformations.

This Registry is provided under the auspices of ISO Technical Committee 211 on geographic information/geomatics and conforms to the following ISO standards:

Work is also underway to upgrade the Registry to conform to the recently revised ISO 19111:2019 standard, which includes support for dynamic datums and geoid-based datums.

July 2022: ISO/TC 211, OGC and IOGP have jointly published the "Guide to Coordinate Reference System (CRS) Resources". The guide describes basic information and the intended purposes of the three authoritative CRS registers: EPSG, ISO Geodetic and OGC CRS registries, for the user community.

Usage and license

The Registry may be used free of charge but its use is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use. Use of the Registry implies acceptance of these Terms of Use.

Users of the Registry may query and view data and generate reports via anonymous guest access. Only approved authoritative agencies may submit proposals for new additions or clarifications to the Registry. Authoritative agencies may request to register for submissions using the Feedback page.

Registration Authority

Ribose was appointed as Registration Authority of the ISO Geodetic Register by ISO in 2019 in accordance to ISO/TMB resolution 4/2019 and ISO/TC 211 Resolution 912. As Registration Authority, Ribose is responsible for providing registration services for the ISO Geodetic Register following the ISO 19127 International Standard.

Contacting us

If you encounter issues or have any questions about the ISO Geodetic Register, please use the Feedback page to submit them. A member of the team will reach out to you directly.


The ISO Geodetic Register is made available to the public free of charge with financial support provided by the following sponsors:

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